A platform born from the idea of giving a technological and innovative voice to a business, the tourist port, which makes every access quick and simplifies the activities of those who manage it

Nautibooking is a project developed by the innovative start-up Net Bookig Cycle based in Trieste at Incubatori FVG Bic.

Development started in 2012 to provide technological answers to the demand for efficiency and safety that marinas and shipowners required.

Nautibooking makes available to those who navigate or manage a marina services and makes access efficient.

Nautibooking becomes a platform that redraws the basketball services offered by the marina, opens to technology that increases the quality and safety for both those who manage and for those who land.

Our Values


We give the certainty of the berth at your landing, the position of your boat can be detected by NP-Boat


Our hardware and software applications: NAVIPASS, NP-BOAT, NP-MOBILE, speed up, monitor, manage and allow
the security of services


The Nautibooking app is active H 24 and the connected devices are ready to satisfy every request and service

Our partners

To whom we address

To the managers of the marinas, lake and river ports, to the nautical chartering, to the
shipyards that want to improve and grow in the efficiency of management. To shipowners and
sailing guests who wish to improve by personalizing their choice of landings once on the
ground and to remotely verify the alerts connected to the port and the boat.

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